Anxiety Attacks

I have had many tiny anxiety attacks but earlier this year I had what I, at the time, considered to be the worst thing ever.  Today I had, and am still having it while I’m writing this, the worst one by far.  I was in music class and I started to feel stressed then I calmed myself down (by doing belly breathing 5 seconds in 5 hold 5 out) then about ten minutes later I started to feel anxious which is way worse.  I calmed myself down by the time I got to my next class but about 15 minutes in I had a tiny attack so I went to my locker to get out of the room, put stress relief lotion on, and get a tic-tac.  Then a half hour later I tried to stand up to tell my principal that I had to get out.  As soon as I stood up I broke down crying.  I ran out and he followed me and helped.  I sat in the school office for a while then just did zen-tangle drawings in a quiet room.  To me the worst part of an anxiety attack is that even once its over you are anxious about it coming back.

For the purpose of helping people who have anxiety here is what I do to calm down:

1.) 555s

2.) Focus on something specific

3.) Drink cold water

4.) Splash your face with water

5.) Eat something (don’t binge it is not fun)

6.) Get into an open space and if you can’t close your eyes and pretend you are

7.)Zen-tangle drawing

8.) Most importantly: take a minute to tell yourself “I am having an attack, I will not die, it will end in just a little while (20 minutes), I will be fine.”

If you see someone having an attack this is what I personally would want but everyone is different.  These are all based off of how Emily, Zoe, and my principal helped me in my bad ones.

1.) Remind them that they are safe

2.) Remind them that they will be fine

3.) Ask what they need

4.) Get them water if there is someone else to be there

5.) Most importantly: Be with them unless they specifically ask to be left alone

-Pegasus Girl ❤


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