Side note: 5 people read my last post and one person followed and wow thats so cool hope these things are helpful!  Anyway:

I don’t know why I had this realization today but if it were not for one boy in my school, Zach, I would have always considered myself lesbian because I’ve never liked any other boys.  And I do wish that I could just be gay as at least its less complicated but I love him.  I realize its weird cause I’m not out and its just really hard to know, but with him…  I trust him, I want to be near him, hug him, and talk to him.  Today I just got so depressed knowing that we never see each other because we only see each other for one class and at break.  I miss sitting with him at lunch and seeing him in art and fine arts and seeing him everyday.  All other crushes I’ve had are just “oh they’re nice, oh I want to see them more”  but with him I just want him to always be there.  Also today kinda sucked cause I had to sit with like the most annoying people ever in all of my classes.  Also my friend Lucy and I usually sit with some girls in the grade below us and today all of our 8th grade friends sat with them and then we couldn’t and we both got really mad because they are our escape from our grade cause they are all annoying.

Wow the end of this makes no sense but whatever

-Pegasus Girl ❤


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