Sorry it took so long to post I was away from my computer because of spring break but here is something that I wrote for school on the topic of the new school bathroom bills.

I cannot change myself

Just because we are different

It does not make me wrong

I do not say that you are wrong

So why am I me?

Because I have known myself my whole life

And you have never met me

So how do I know?

How do you know what you think you know?

Because what is obvious to one is not to another

So why do you want to change me?

Because you’re scared,

Because I am new,

Because you are not used to me,

Because I am different?

So why do you care?

Because you want control,

Because you think you know what I need,

Because I bother you,

Because I am different?

I am who I am

And no matter what

I will shine like a star

And fly

Up and away like

An owl into the night




You are who you are

And we can be together

But only if it’s mutual

To want

To need

To thrive towards

Being the best


And being able to say

This is who I am

-Pegasus Girl ❤


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