I asked my mom to take me to the Connor Franta Note to Self Tour and she said she would but then saw that she can’t because she will be away for work.  Naturally I asked my dad if he would take me and he starts doing research and finds out that Connor is gay.  Now I (obviously) knew this and had no problem with it but as soon as he sees this he starts saying that of the possible 800 people there that 700 of them will be gay boys and I would be the only girl there.  Then he started saying that he was just trying to sell a “gay book” like seriously wtf dude?!? Anyway I’m just super pissed right now but here’s my poem:

He did not write his story

For you to judge

and call fake

Even if it is a “gay book”

I want to read it

not only because I can relate to his story

But because I look up to him

as a person


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