so much stuff

So its been a while since I posted because I’ve been super busy.  First of all I had another anxiety attack (ugh) because I had to present a monologue from Romeo and Juliet in English and I just got super stressed.  But other then that fun surprise I’ve had a great few weeks.  First of all I GOT TO SEE FUCKING HAMILTON OMG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!! Sorry but it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!  My parents surprised me in the morning and just said we’re going to New York today and I’m like ummm why (omgomgimmaseehamilton)  and my dad just goes we’re going to see hamil-AHHHHHHYAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then it was spring break 2 (cause I’m spoiled) and we went to Florida and that was fun.  I also started to go to therapy a few weeks ago for my anxiety so ill let you know how that’s going later. Then this week i was super busy because i have a dance recital tomorrow and was sick for a while and have exams soon.

Anyway ill post again soon

-Pegasus Girl ❤


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