Our president has recently induced a ban on transgendered individuals serving in the military and my immediate reaction was: well of course he did, why is this even a shock anymore?  After thinking for a while I wrote this.


15000 people

15000 humans

15000 lives

15000 people




you used to say

“I will fight for you”

now you say


15000 heros

with personal lives


these human lives

protect your life

and you cannot learn

to respect these people

if you don’t like these men and women

fine be like that based on your

religion then fine amen

but that does not give

you the right to hate others

for their right to live

as their true selves

you do not need

to give permission

to anyone

15000 human lives

that matter

are not burdens

that have rights


Yeah I’m kinda mad

-Pegasus Girl ❤

P.S. Sorry I haven’t posted recently I was in Greece, France, and the Netherlands

P.P.S. This ban has not (and most likely won’t) been put in affect as nobody approved it or knew about it except the president.


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