New Year

Hi people of the internet,

So its New Years Eve (right now but by the time I post it could be June who knows) and I’m going to do one of those reflections.

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Cause Then I Will

Last year I really liked the whisper app where you can anonymously share whatever you want to either the whole app or certain communities and on New Years Eve I posted “Here’s to 2017 being a better year for everyone.  No matter h[o]w  2016 was for you [,] make this year even better.” There was a character limit so the more detailed version would be: No matter what kind of year you just had weather it was your best, your worst, or just another year now is a great time to make it better.  The response I got said “Every post ever about the previous year” and I thought about that a lot.  I think the difference is that I meant it and I made 2017 personally my best year.  It is NOT going to magically be a great year YOU need to change something.  And I did.  2017 personally (don’t tell me about the shit that happened in the world I know and that sucked but my personal life only) was one of my best years and heres why:

-I came out as bi and then pan to all of my friends

-I came out as LGBTQ+ to my school

-I got a few therapy sessions for my anxiety

-I accepted my (many) mental health issues

-I became (slightly) less depressed

-I did not attempt suicide

-I made a bunch of new friends

-My parents know and (kinda) help with my anxiety

-I got into broadway

Of course there were many bad parts of the year as well

-I got into broadway

-I had to write to my senators more then once

-I developed anorexia (?)

-My anxiety got worse



sorry its so late ive had A WEEK but anyway I am going to try to post more often this year.

-Pegasus Girl ❤